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Joe Varga on The Barbershop Podcast – Bass Player Edition

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Joe Varga on The Barbershop Podcast hosted by our good friend Kevin Barber.
All Bass Player Edition – featuring Gerry Gregg and Tiny Basstank of Caym… a band that everybody should check out \m/.
No one supports our local music scene like Kevin.
Cheers brother!


Low down and dirty is the only way to go if you ask any bass player. With great tone comes great responsibility and the bass players who have the job thrust upon them never last and impress the way honest-to-goodness bass players come to their instrument.
Big, deep and heavy, the rumble and groove of the bass makes any kind of music better when it’s got a nice, round bottom. It’s no big surprise that those who handle the bottom end are responsible for far more than counting beats, they are the ones who make the girls dance. The bass is a sexy instrument not because of the way it looks, but because of the way it makes you feel.
Bass masters Tiny Basstank, Joe Varga and Gerry Gregg tune up and plug in and drop the groove.

I don’t think I had a better time than I did tonight. Chances are neither have you.
-Kevin Barber

Check out Varga on Episode #100 HERE

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Motorhead Bass Jam With Iron Fist


From Joe Varga on Facebook:

I found myself breaking out my Motorhead Disks Tonight , having some whiskey on the rocks and Jammin’ along with some of their most classic stuff off of Ace Of Spades and Iron Fist Albums. Here’s a quick Jam Along with Iron Fist !!! One of my all time favorite Motorhead Tracks, Probably Cuz It was the first time I saw Motorhead Perform on that Iron Fist tour back in 82′ when i was just a young teenage metalhead!!! Lemmy is a metal icon who will never be forgotten and his music will live on as long as there is a planet EARTH!!
Cheers Everyone and Crank Lots Of MOTORHEAD in Lemmy’s Honour!!!

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Sean Williamson Interview

SW Metal mag  L70

the metal mag


Interview with Sean Williamson

1/ You recently lost a member, what was the reason? Does it affect the music?

Yeah, Adam Alex is no longer with the band, and I guess that just comes down to the usual stuff… musical and personal differences. Since then, we’ve done a few live shows, and musically the vibe is still there. I’m using a stereo guitar rig, and harmonizer effects, so I can emulate the albums pretty good. Dan and Joe as a rhythm section are pretty unstoppable.

2/ You reformed back in 2011, what was the idea and were you the same line up?

There was never a plan. Originally we just got together to hang out and jam as a band again over beers. We started playing some of our old unreleased songs, and realized that they still held up, but were basically unknown outside our local area. Our old friend Julius Butty is a producer and had a studio, so we went up there and recorded them. At first, it wasn’t really anything serious, just a reason to hang out again. It turned out great, so we put it on iTunes, printed CD’s, made a website and Facebook page, and here we are. It’s a smaller world now, and we felt those songs deserved a second chance.

3/ When you look back on the band’s history how would you describe it? Is there anything you would change? (more…)

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