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Varga & Mokomokai – LIVE

VARGA and MOKOMOKAI to trade-off Hometown shows

VARGA and Peterborough metal-gods MOKOMOKAI have teamed up for a pair of hometown gigs. Special guests will be PYTHON in Hamilton, and Toronto old-school metalheads CAULDRON in Peterborough.

Check out these videos from MOKOMOKAI and CAULDRON \m/


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VARGA, CAYM, ACT OF SIN To Perform At Kitchener Metal Fest

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May 22, 2015
Kitchener Metalfest has returned this year on May 30 promoted by Greg Manley, Adam Schlitt and Cindy Bowman at The Wax Nightclub in Kitchener Ontario for the 3rd annual fundraiser for The Grand River Regional Cancer Centre.

Kitchener May 30 2015

Starting at 6pm with doors opening at 5pm, 7 bands hit the stage for an all-out metal assault against cancer. Opening the show is The Sensational Robbie Hain band and his All-Stars (surprise guests from the metal community). Also on the bill is Act Of Sin, Them Thieves, CAYM, and Calling Chaos. Co-Headlining the event is Ottawa’s speed metal giants Vyc Vyper.

Headlining Kitchener Metalfest this year is Hamilton’s Varga. After success in the ‘90s and touring with the likes of Metallica and Rob Zombie, Varga had a lengthy hiatus and has recently returned promoting the albums Enter The Metal (2013) and Return Of The Metal (2014). Touring keeps the band super busy as of late and Kitchener Metalfest is thankful that Varga as well as the other bands could help out this great cause. Tickets are $10 in Advance and $12 at the door. There will be tons of autographed merch and other prizes including studio time and guitars up for grabs.

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VARGA Premier “Beginning Of The End” Music Video

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May 1, 2015
Reactivated Canadian metallers, Varga, have released a new music video for the track “Beginning Of The End”, featured on their 2013 album, Enter The Metal. The video was produced and directed by Joe Varga and can be seen below.

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Varga covers Sabbath and Priest – LIVE VIDEOS

Varga covering Black Sabbath “Into The Void”

The Rockpile West, Toronto ON – April 11, 2015 (Board Mix)


Varga covering Judas Priest “Electric Eye”

The Dominion House, Windsor ON – March 27, 2015.

Video by Reckless Ron –

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House Of TARG – Fan-filmed Video

‘Plane Crash’

House of TARG – Ottawa, ON – December 6, 2014


‘Three Section Staff’

House of TARG – Ottawa, ON – December 6, 2014

Videos by Metalchopz

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True Metal Lives – CD Review

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Return Of The Metal

Okay I am really kicking myself now for not checking this out sooner. I saw a ton of hype for the band and was a bit slow on the uptake, still having the groove and nu metal of days of old blinding me to what the new and improved Varga is all about. I finally have seen the light and looked further into this Varga machine and I am glad I did! What we have here is something special and unique, incorporating a lot of odd bits and pieces of many different styles and influences, a touch of the groove is still present and a bit of nu age anger, and a heap of thrash coating on a doomy undercarriage and we have a punishing and riveting behemoth of METAL!

Varga are another band that refuses to follow into a neat little labeling system, a bit of the old a bit of the new but all eminently Varga! If you are one of the few, who like me still envisioned the band’s earlier incarnations and have held back, stop it immediately and give this a spin! I don’t care if you are a fan of Machine Head, Motorhead, Diamond Head, Metallica-head or (insert your band name here) head, Varga bring something new and different to the table, hell… they brought their own table! Do yourself a favor and give it a spin… or three as there is so much to take in with these six tracks that one time through just doesn’t cut it.
Return Of The Metal? Indeed!
Choice Tracks – After Life Comes, Three Section Staff, Evil Drifters, Money Talks
Check out

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Varga, Canadian Metal

by: Carline Lew

Metal. We all know of some religious Metal fans out there, and here is some good news for the disciples Metal!

Varga, the Ontario based “Heavy Progressive/Thrash Metal” band, is working hard to get things moving again, recently releasing two new albums. The two new albums are called “Enter the Metal”, and the latest, “Return of the Metal”.

The band was formed clear back in 1989, by rebel youngsters, Dan Fila on drums, and Joe Varga, bass and vocals. Soon after Joe and Dan got together, they added Sean WIlliamson and Adam Alex, both on guitar. Varga began their career playing cover songs at local Ontario gigs, which expanded to all of Canada. During this time, with their creative juices working overtime, they developed their own tunes and style. Then, as their popularity grew in Canada, they began getting gigs in Europe, touring with such bands as Metallica, Type O Negative and White Zombie. They made some albums (they have six albums all together) and even had some hits in the states, with tunes such as ‘Greed”. Sadly, the band had labeling problems, and other things in life happen, so the band went on hiatus for 13 years.

Fortunately, the band has some die hard Canadian and European fans, and in 2013, they got it together and started playing at venues in Canada, as well as producing “Enter the Metal”, and in 2014 coming out with ‘Return of the Metal”. Varga’s current plans are to get back in the recording studio, February 2015. They have dates set up in Canada, and are making plans to tour Europe.

What is the difference between Heavy Progressive/Thrash Metal and Metal, or Death Metal, you may ask? Well, the difference is that it can be described as a bit more complicated than your regular metal, but not as radical as Death Metal. Watching the band play is hypnotizing, exquisite and intricate, and Joe Varga has a vocal range like few out there. You can detect some of Judas Priest, Slayer, Motorhead and Black Sabbath influences in their music.

Tour manager James Shaffer, set us up with an interview with Dan Fila, Varga’s drummer, to give us a little insight into what is happening for the band.


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Dan gets in-depth with Bridge The Atlantic

dan fila crpd 620px

Dan Fila is the drummer of Canadian metal band Varga. To date, Varga have released 6 albums and played with some of the biggest names in metal, including Metallica and White Zombie. After parting with their label and a hiatus, Varga released two albums independently: Enter the Metal and Return of the Metal. We spoke with Dan about the new records, Varga’s major label experience, the importance of community in music and his fear of snakes…
Watch on YouTube

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