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Joe Varga on The Barbershop Podcast – Bass Player Edition

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Joe Varga on The Barbershop Podcast hosted by our good friend Kevin Barber.
All Bass Player Edition – featuring Gerry Gregg and Tiny Basstank of Caym… a band that everybody should check out \m/.
No one supports our local music scene like Kevin.
Cheers brother!


Low down and dirty is the only way to go if you ask any bass player. With great tone comes great responsibility and the bass players who have the job thrust upon them never last and impress the way honest-to-goodness bass players come to their instrument.
Big, deep and heavy, the rumble and groove of the bass makes any kind of music better when it’s got a nice, round bottom. It’s no big surprise that those who handle the bottom end are responsible for far more than counting beats, they are the ones who make the girls dance. The bass is a sexy instrument not because of the way it looks, but because of the way it makes you feel.
Bass masters Tiny Basstank, Joe Varga and Gerry Gregg tune up and plug in and drop the groove.

I don’t think I had a better time than I did tonight. Chances are neither have you.
-Kevin Barber

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