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Varga Returns….

March 26, 2016
It’s been a very tough year here in the Varga camp.

Between Adam leaving the band, Joe’s mom and then Sean’s dad passing away, Dan’s divorce and then his concussion, it seemed like we were never going to get back on track.

Well all that’s about to change.

Finally, we are writing and rehearsing again, and we’ve decided we want to share the process with our fans.

So, we are going to be trying something new here, for us at least, and use the space at for posting updates on the writing and recording of our new album, live and rehearsal footage, and any other cool content we would like to share with you.

We will still be posting on our Facebook Page, and maybe even use Instagram or Twitter once in a while, but the plan is that the majority of what we want to share with you, will be available EXCLUSIVELY at

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Cheers! \m/