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True Metal Lives – CD Review

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Return Of The Metal

Okay I am really kicking myself now for not checking this out sooner. I saw a ton of hype for the band and was a bit slow on the uptake, still having the groove and nu metal of days of old blinding me to what the new and improved Varga is all about. I finally have seen the light and looked further into this Varga machine and I am glad I did! What we have here is something special and unique, incorporating a lot of odd bits and pieces of many different styles and influences, a touch of the groove is still present and a bit of nu age anger, and a heap of thrash coating on a doomy undercarriage and we have a punishing and riveting behemoth of METAL!

Varga are another band that refuses to follow into a neat little labeling system, a bit of the old a bit of the new but all eminently Varga! If you are one of the few, who like me still envisioned the band’s earlier incarnations and have held back, stop it immediately and give this a spin! I don’t care if you are a fan of Machine Head, Motorhead, Diamond Head, Metallica-head or (insert your band name here) head, Varga bring something new and different to the table, hell… they brought their own table! Do yourself a favor and give it a spin… or three as there is so much to take in with these six tracks that one time through just doesn’t cut it.
Return Of The Metal? Indeed!
Choice Tracks – After Life Comes, Three Section Staff, Evil Drifters, Money Talks
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