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Rock And A Hard Place – Review

rock and a hard place 120

Canadian Progressive Thrash Giants are back for “part 2″ of their return to their Metallic origins

Some might remember Varga from the early to mid-90’s, they had a couple songs on MTV and even opened for the likes of Metallica. When things didn’t take off as expected, they called it a day. Then a couple year’s ago they returned with “Enter The Metal”. It was a return to their early roots of mixing genres into a blender and coming up with a unique sound. They call it Heavy Progressive Thrash Metal and that’s really about as well as their music can be described.

“Return Of The Metal” picks off exactly where “Enter…” left off. They are making NO attempt and being “radio friendly” here. It’s almost like “been there, done that_ fuck that”. The songs are long, there’s extended jamming, wicked time-changes, singing, shouting, drum solos and overall mayhem. It’s a Progger and Thrasher’s dream!

They continue their theme of kung-fu and b-movie horror as well, but it’s not overpowering or done as schtick. In other words, it’s part of the music but it’s not over-the-top, it’s more like the cherry on top of a Metal sundae.

Varga is simply a machine, guitarist Adam Alex and Sean Williamson blast out a wall of electric mayhem with amazing precision. Joey Varga’s bass and Dan Fila’s drumming are in perfect sync. Varga also covers the vocals, which makes his playing even more impressive. These guys basically grew up together and the music shows, they’re extremely tight and they seem to be sharing a brain when they play together. I can’t wait to hear what’s next from Varga.