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Sea Of Tranquility Review – 5/5

sea of tranquility

Varga: Return of the Metal

Reviewer: Butch Jones

Oh these silly Canadian’s, oh how I love them! Well, last time we visited with the behemoth that is Varga, we were told to Enter The Metal and it is stellar. This time Joe Varga and company have issued the 6 track killer EP called, Return of the Metal, and it is quite tasty, indeed. This is Technical, Thrashy, Progressive Metal at its finest.

Varga have such a great sense of humor (ala Devin Townsend) and they always back it up with some serious slices of riff laden, heavy groovin’, Metal goodness. Add in a touch of Bruce Lee flavored Kung Fu and you are starting to understand the greatness of Varga. I always hear a bit of good ol’ Anvil (circa 1981-82) in Varga’s music, but slam that with the power of Pantera, the onslaught that is Annihilator and the previously mentioned D.T. and Strapping Young Lad and you are getting warm. No, it was not intentional to mention all of those Canadian bands, but check out Varga and tell me you hear the influences, too!! This latest opus starts off with the 8 minute track, “Three Section Staff” and friends, strap in! Double kick drums throttling your head back and forth, while the guitars just don’t let up. NICE!!!

Varga’s Heavy Progressive Metal stylings are just massive. Tremendous guitar riffing all over top of some killer odd time signatures just sweetens the pot that these have been continuing to serve up since they reformed in 2011. This 6 track EP of sorts, clocks in at 40 minutes of Canadian Metal mayhem and does not disappoint. How could a record suck when it has a song called, “Disfigured Gargoyle” and it is also available as a download or in a 6 (YES 6!!) panel Digi-pak CD?!! It can’t!! It rules!