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‘Return Of The Metal’ review at Colossal Pop

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Varga – Return of the Metal

Reviewed by Mark Fisher

Canadian Metallers Varga, returned with the excellent EP, Enter the Metal, chock full of tunes that reminded me how creative the Metal genre used to be. While never officially parting ways, the band went on a hiatus in the late nineties that lasted until 2013’s comeback release. Return of the Metal is the next installment in the band’s acclaimed (so far) trio of EPs.

“Three Section Staff” kicks off the new EP with a heavy crunch that you immediately feel. The eight-minute plus epic is a beast for certain musically, but it’s fairly weak lyrically and it causes the song to lose some steam in my opinion. “After Life Comes” catches the trip though starting off with a killer bass riff and then thrashing and grooving its way through the thick wall of sound. “Money Talks” is a highlight here for sure with its myriad of heavy styles mashed into one. It’s flawlessly goes from super fast to super heavy to scaling the progressive mountains all while the raw and ugly vocals narrate the journey.

Return of the Metal feels a bit heavier and more progressive overall than it’s thrashier predecessor. In my opinion, that’s a good thing because its shows a different side of the band. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t drastically different, but it is different enough to keep you from calling the band a one trick pony or boxing them into a corner.