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‘Return Of The Metal’ by Headbanger Reviews

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Varga – Return of the Metal

Posted: July 21, 2014 in Metal Reviews

I saw “thrash metal” as this album’s genre so of course I went straight for it! I also imagined that Varga would attempt to make their thrash sound like 80s thrash. It was a solid attempt, but they didn’t succeed in really tapping to the core of original thrash. However, they did manage to make some good sounding thrash overall. The vocals had that 80s “charm” to them with dark lyrics that’ll get the people who like the darker side of metal going. The guitars were (of course) fast paced and they had a really good rhythm the whole album that kept the energy without pause or stutter. And the drums had a relentless pace the entire time while having a great beat along the way. Overall, “Return of the Metal” is a good thrash metal album that seems like it’s trying to be like 80s thrash (not saying it is) but it was just off the mark even though it’s still a good album! Definitely one to check out if you’re a fan of thrash.

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