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The Dedicated Rocker Society Reviews “Return Of The Metal’

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Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

Canadian Progressive Metal band, Varga return with their latest release, ‘Return Of The Metal’. A recording that emphasizes intense guitar interplay, aggression, atmosphere and enough riveting time changes to satisfy even the most demanding progressive metal fan.

The album was produced by long time friend and producer/engineer, Julius “Juice” Butty (Alexisonfire, Protest the Hero), and recorded at both Six Nations’ Jukasa Studio, and Butty’s own Silo Studios. Varga is comprised of, Joe Varga – Bass & Vocals, Adam Alex – Guitar, Sean Williamson – Guitar and Dan Fila – Drums. The Varga groove is still there, but the music has gone to another level. Maybe, Progressive/Thrash metal. The songs sound even heavier and aggressive than some on the band’s prior releases, albeit with more melody. Unexpected time changes still come around with this band, leaving you guessing where it will go next. As soon as the album starts playing and “Three Section Staff” comes on you know your going to be in for a treat! There is no fillers what so ever on this album, some songs are stronger than others, but still a very strong and intense effort. Other highlights; “After Life Comes”, “Evil Drifters” and “Far East Super Slaughter”.’Return Of The Metal’ rocks on all levels, great progressive metal and rock. Some real nice crunch and heavy guitars and great musicianship all around. Production is good. The mix to me sounds great, especially the vocals and guitars. With an onslaught of amazing lyrics and a powerful, well controlled vocal delivery. Joe Varga’s vocals makes this album have high replay value. The guitar interplay between, Adam Alex and Sean Williamson is out of this world! Dan Fila’s drumming is awesome as well. How can I forget?! When I was listening to the album, I remember saying he sounds like Mike Portnoy in his prime. The entire band just rips the album to shreds. Love the album art as well. Really pulled me into the album, then facilitated the mood.

If you love Prog Rock/Metal and have own any of the older Varga albums then ‘Return Of The Metal’ is a “Must Have”. – Highly Recommended

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