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Bring On The Metal

bring on the metal

“Return Of The Metal” by Varga

Heavy Metal/Progressive Metal

YAY! Local Toronto metal! I’m not sure if “Return Of The Metal” implies that this is Varga’s RETURN (its certainly possible but I don’t know), but what does become clear evident is their loves, as they wear their influences directly on their sleeve, opening on a sample from a Bruce Lee film, even including a delicious ‘HI-YAH!’ before going headfirst into groovy heavy metal, with big hooks in the vein of Iced Earth or even “The Formation Of Damnation”-era Testament. The music leans to some interesting places to, hinting at prog metal in the dynamic of ‘Three Section Staff’, including some weird industrial-like flurries here and there. ‘After Life Comes’ hints at progressive tendencies at well in its opening and groovy riffs, and packs some awesome bass-work to boot, and ‘Evil Drifters’ rings with some great guitar and bass trade-offs, which of course build up some wicked harmonies as a result. The instrumentation is definitely a highlight, but vocals certainly carry their weight as well, opting for some great modern Accept-like hooks with power metal flair and classic metal range. “Return Of The Metal” is a very solid metal album, and while it may not be the most original, it still has lots of strong riffs and hooks to dig into. If this an apparent ‘return’ for Varga, it’s a damn good one.

Rating: 3.5/5 (Good)