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Belgium’s Metal To Infinity interviews Adam Alex


A talk with ADAM ALEX (Guitar)

(Questionnaire by Stefan)

Hamilton, Ontario Canada based Varga started its quest back in 1989, two juvenile lads named Joe Varga (bass/vocals) and Dan Fila (Drums) wanted to do something with their passion called Metal, they were determined to start a band. With the help of a few other soul mates, they drove off the local neighbourhood to play some gigs, mostly consisted of cover songs.

As time passed by, these guys wanted to create a sound by their own… now 25 years later on and Varga still deliver Metal in its purest form, better to describe as a perfect blend of Progressive Power / Thrash Metal, Varga just released a new album called “Return Of The Metal”. At Metal To Infinity, we have a special connection with the Canadian Metal movement… those days during the 80s era, we had a whole lotta fun banging our heads to the sound of Sacrifice, Annihilator, Anvil, Exciter, Breaker, Infernal Majesty, Sword, Piledriver among others.

I want to say it again, a time to cherish forevermore. I must admit that this is my first encounter with Varga so lets’ find out all about these guys’ sustained musical career.

Full Interview HERE