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RETURN OF THE METAL reviewed on MetalWind


Varga – Return Of The Metal

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Hello Metalheads! A few months ago I published a great Metal band from Canada, which has come back after some years of inactivity with an amazing new album entitled “Enter The Metal”, I’m talking about Varga, a high recommended band which you should not miss, they bring us now a new release, a sequel that follows in the wake of “Enter The Metal” album.

These guys from Hamilton, Ontario, are more alive than ever and as they have promised, they return to MetalWind with a fantastic new assault called “Return Of The Metal” which continues the legacy of the previous album offering us six new tracks full of energy.

Varga is living a great moment as a band, on the one hand they have released this great new album “Return Of The Metal”, which consolidates the return of these Canadian Metallers to the scene, on the other hand, they have another fantastic news, they have recently signed a booking contract for Europe with Agenteur EAM.

Ok guys, Varga has come back and I’m glad because these guys are really amazing and their music is a demolisher weapon ready to raze any stage with their powerful sound.

For those who do not know Varga and the previous album I invite you to discover it in the following link Varga – Enter The Metal.

This new album entitled “Return Of The Metal” has been released on May 2014 and contains six recommended new songs. The assault starts with the fantastic “Three Section Staff” in which we can find amazing guitar riffs, a great work of Joe Varga on vocals, this guy is really fantastic on this track, and the convoluted and awesome turns that characterize the music of these Canadian Metallers.

“After Life Comes” with great Progressive touches, amazing and vertiginous guitar solos and a heavy and solid sound is a great song in the album. “Disfigured Gargoyle” is another track with very good elements, in which they show us their great mastery as musicians, with powerful energy on guitars, good changes of pace and the epic part in the minute four with bells creating a fantastic atmosphere.

“Evil Drifters” has really amazing guitar riffs and it results a song very cool in the album and “Money Talks” is a powerful track with amazing solos and very good technical parts, which I absolutely recommend you to listen to it.

The end song “Far East Super Slaughter” is my favorite in the album, it’s an amazing track with a great starting, a powerful song with awesome thrash touches very cool, an incredible Dan on drums, fantastic backing vocals and very good guitars, a marked bass and… Ok in my opinion it’s a perfect song! You can enjoy it by clicking the following link.

VARGA – Far East Super Slaughter (VIDEO)
by MetalWind

Ok Metalheads, I absolutely recommend you “Return Of The Metal” album, I think it’s a new fantastic release from these Canadian guys that you shouldn’t miss!

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