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That Metal Station’s review of ‘RETURN OF THE METAL’

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Album Review: Varga – Return Of The Metal

by Scott Green

As the album begins I notice a simple melodic approach, then it kicks in! I can tell this is going to be a fun album to listen to!

Sean Williamson and Adam Alex on the guitars are ripping thru speakers with that cut that just gets in deep. It has been a while since I have heard some really original guitar playing that was not just running thru the motions. Both Sean and Adam have some old school soul in their playing using the fretboard as a playground; a dance floor for the fingers, if you will. The guitar work is amazing; from the hard crunching chords to the sinister leads. The bass rumbling in the background is like a thunderstorm moving in. Pulling double duty is Joe Varga who ably handles the thundering power of the bass and the vocal duties. (I am noticing the trend of bass players fronting bands. There have been some greats that have done this but today in music you are seeing it more and more.) It is very clear and noticeable that Joe can handle pulling off both postions. His vocals are amazing and he can switch it up between the sounds of a young Rob Halford to the undeniable king of high pitched screams, King Diamond. Dan Fila is the hard hitting time keeper you hear ripping it out. He just knows how to throw them sticks down with some really amazing fills and so much power coming off the kick drums. Dan is a animal when it comes to being behind a kit and he is no stranger to off time beats and those little extras that most forget to throw in. The double bass kicks in and you can feel a sudden rage come over you. Just listening to the CD makes me want to go outside and start my own pit.

This band has been on the big circuit as well as touring local gigs. They know what it is like to be signed to a major label and how it goes in the music field. They surely are not strangers to a big stage or a small stage. This is one of those things that can make or break a band and Varga is no stranger to this curse. They have learned the hard way what it is to be like a date on prom night; only being used as long as someone it can benefit from it. Not to mention the stress that comes between friends while on the road. But, was all the time off a bad thing? Not at all. It has brought this band to a place where they look past the yesteryears and are starting to form the music for the future. Varga is back with a vengeance and I think this album will prove that.

So if you are looking for something new to listen to then this is the band you want to have in your playlist! Varga are from Ontario, Canada so if you are in that area or know anyone in that area then share this band with them!

I am going to give Varga 4 out of 5 crosses.

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