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Hello Metal guys! It’s a pleasure for me to introduce today a fantastic Canadian Progressive Metal band from Hamilton, Ontario, which after a long period returns to the metal scene full of energy and ready to shake the ground with an amazing new release entitled “Enter The Metal”. I’m talking about Varga, a metal band formed by four guys with a great talent that come back with more force than ever.

Varga was born in 1989 with Joe Varga on bass and vocals, Dan Fila on drums and Adam Alex and Sean Williamson on guitars, these guys started their way playing covers on the local Ontario bar scene. Their first independent cassette was released in 1991 and it was entitled “Multiple Wargasms” with a Progressive/Thrash Metal sound which has achieved positive reviews form local and international critics and the public.

In 1993 Varga caught the attention of BMG and they signed with this label leaving home to tour the continent and recording their second album entitled “Prototype”, in which they introduced some industrial elements to their sound.

The band was living a great moment and they were becoming regulars on MuchMusic and MTV, and the band’s video for “Greed” was picked up on Headbanger’s Ball, and was featured in an episode of Beavis and Butthead.

“Oxygen”, their third album was released in 1995 and Varga was as supporting band for international acts such as White Zombie and Metallica.

Then, one day Varga simply faded out of the spotlight. Next years Dan Fila and Sean Williamson were members of Industrial Metal band “Hypodust” and Dan, Sean, and Joe Varga also performed in a Classic Metal cover band called “SuperBlaster”, but Varga never officially broke up, it simply was sleeping for long years like a dragon in its dark lair, and now awakes from its long sleep willing to raze the earth with its fire of metal, offering us in 2013 an amazing, powerful and destroyer new release entitled “Enter The Metal”.

We can find on this fantastic new release great metal tracks full of energy with a high quality Progressive Metal sound, awesome Thrash Metal touches, frantic guitar solos and constant changes of pace completing compositions executed with a technical high level.

Starting with the demolisher song “Beginning Of The End”, we can enjoy the awesome “Gamera”, “Mad Scientist” with an evocative intro and some Thrash Metal touches in the Megadeth’s style or “No More Clean Air”. “Plane Crash” is a long track which I also recommend with awesome technical parts and I also like “Shark Attack” with its nice starting and its powerful guitar solos. In general I think “Enter The Metal” is a high quality release from these Canadian guys.

I recommend you don’t miss the return of Varga and their “Enter The Metal” which will have a sequel in 2014, they are releasing on May “Return Of The Metal” which will contain six more songs in the same realm and I hope it will be a fantastic new material.

Meanwhile I recommend you to listen “Enter The Metal”, you can enjoy “Beginning Of The End” by clicking the following link:

VARGA – Beginning Of The End (VIDEO)
by MetalWind

I send greetings to Dan Fila, thanks for your support and collaboration. I have to say you’re in great shape pounding on drums, my friend! And I also send greetings to Varga band, thanks for this fantastic “Enter The Metal”!

Ok, Metalheads! Enjoy Varga, pay attention to news from these Canadian guys and leave your comments! See you soon!

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