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Varga – Enter The Metal

Reviewer: Celtic Bob

Hailing from the Canadian city nicknamed “The Hammer” (Hamilton, Ont), Varga began. At first it was a bunch of teens in a beat up van playing covers to arming themselves with a tape that caught the eye of the A&R Department at BMG Canada. Caught in the midst of the Grunge era they took a short break which turned into 13 years. In October of 2013 ENTER THE METAL was released and in May of this year we get RETURN OF THE METAL. Easy to say that 2014 will be the year of Varga.

ENTER THE METAL is only 6 songs long so it’s more of an EP than a full fledged record. These half dozen tracks are pure 100% Heavy Metal with the emphasis on Heavy. Double kicks a plenty throughout and top rate guitar. Growing up in the 80’s and discovering new bands was exciting and it still is to this day. Hearing an album for the first time that makes you go “Holy Fuck this is great” is something special and this is one of those releases. Many albums blast through my speakers in a year but those that get repeated plays are something that speak to me. Be it the lyrics, the music or the overall product. ENTER THE METAL is one of those albums. Upon first listen I thought it was a great Metal album, but the more I listen to it the more I like it and hear something different with each play. There are classic Sabbath/Purple grooves in places which add that classic sound that I love so much.

To summarize Varga’s ENTER THE METAL in a few words I would have to say that it is a fantastic EP that all Metal fans should check out. A great release that you will keep close to your player. After hearing this I anticipate May’s release of RETURN OF THE METAL.

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