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‘Enter The Metal’ album review on Sea Of Tranquility

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Varga: Enter The Metal

Reviewer: Butch Jones

The Canadian Metal band Varga, that in the ’90’s brought us the very cool tunes, “Freeze Don’t Move”, “Greed” and “Unconscience” have re-united and upped the Metal ante to drop their heaviest material to date. This over the top, riff heavy, 6 track EP is armed with Annihilator type muscularity and precision and is down right smokin’! As cool as the ’90’s version of Varga was, the 2013-2014 version kicks its own ass!

Joe Varga and Co. have a tremendous EP in Enter The Metal and what an aptly named record this is! The breakneck speed of CD opener, “Beginning of the End”, set the pace and theme of the release and its take no prisoners attack is just stellar. This EP is off to a killer start. The riffing is very much in that Jeff Waters/Annihilator type of vein, with its fast and often harmonized syncopation but still quite different. I will say that there is something of a common thread going on here with these Canadians, besides the awesome riffage, Varga also have a great sense of humor! They share that tongue in cheek playfulness that is also a big part of fellow North of the Border acts like, Anvil and Devin Townsend. In fact, Joe Varga’s voice is very reminiscent of DT in spots, especially on the Anvil-like tune, “Gamera”. I guess if Anvil can have a classic song like “Mothra”, why can’t Varga give props to another Godzilla like monster, “Gamera”?

Enter The Metal was tremendously produced by Julius Butty (Protest The Hero) and Varga themselves and the production is nothing less than awesome. This is just a GREAT sounding disc and it adds to the overall heaviness. The drums and guitars are both prominent in the mix, just the way a Metal record should be! This EP does not offer a single dud among the lot and honestly just leaves you wanting more. The best words to describe this record are pummeling, colossal and HEAVY! This record isn’t exactly a Math Metal type of effort, but there are a shit load of glorious time signature changes, coupled with larger than life riffs shoved inside of some beefy and chunky rhythms. To call this record good would a travesty of justice. This record is amazing!! Welcome back Varga!

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