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rock and a hard place

Varga Returns Like A Goddamn Monster

Canadian Prog-Metal with a Thrashing attitude!

Wow, here’s a name I hadn’t heard of in ages. ”Varga” seemingly comes out of nowhere with an “EP” that’s really a full-length due to the length and complexity of the songs.

If you’re wondering who the hell is Varga, they had some success in the early to mid-90′s. They were a what I would call a “hybrid” band that combined a little of the Pantera/Prong and Thrash style with the funky Metal that was going on around then. The problem was the labels had no idea how to market or categorize bands like these so unfortunately they fell by the wayside.

Now, in 2014 they are back with a slightly new sound, or at least a more Metal approach with this blistering release called “Enter The Metal”, and you have to believe me when I say these guys are spectacular musicians from top the bottom. Ironically they remind me a bit of fellow Canadian Metalheads “Annihilator”.

The time changes will give you whiplash, the guitar solos are beyond belief, the drumming just pisses me off because I’m a drummer and could never even dream of playing this solid.

The overall theme is a little more tongue in cheek it seems as they sing about “Gamera” from the Godzilla movies, shark attacks and mad scientists. They do manage to get into the politics a bit with “No More Clean Air” that reminded me of the glory days of Thrash Metal.

These guys are legitimate players in the Metal scene, whether it be Prog, Thrash, Power Metal or whatever you want to call it, they are back and better than ever!