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BringOnTheMetal reviews new Varga album

bring on the metal

“Enter The Metal” by Varga

Heavy Metal/Progressive Metal

To say I wasn’t expecting to hear Varga is an understatement, as they’ve been quiet even in the local music scene here in Southern Ontario. But alas, “Enter The Metal” is here, and it shows Varga thankfully going back to their progressive metal roots, with little sprinkles of traditional heavy metal here and there.

“Enter The Metal” is actually an incredibly appropriate name for that matter, as it reeks of metal from several sides, with ‘Gamera’ packing little tidbits of speed metal and NWOBHM with a progressive edge, and ‘Beginning Of The End’ taking cues from early 90’s Megadeth. It’s all confined to sound and feel like something of Varga’s own, especially with guitar work, as instruments soar drastically alongside a battering ram of percussion and bass. The writing and sound mix is especially good as well, highlighting Varga’s performances and giving everything an epic feel. It’s actually hard not to be in awe of some of the instrumental work as it winds with the upmost fury. Varga succeeds by playing metal fast and smart, going back to their roots and even the roots of progressive metal to create one of the most interesting comebacks of the year.

Rating: 4/5 (Great!)