Belgium’s Metal To Infinity interviews Adam Alex


A talk with ADAM ALEX (Guitar)

(Questionnaire by Stefan)

Hamilton, Ontario Canada based Varga started its quest back in 1989, two juvenile lads named Joe Varga (bass/vocals) and Dan Fila (Drums) wanted to do something with their passion called Metal, they were determined to start a band. With the help of a few other soul mates, they drove off the local neighbourhood to play some gigs, mostly consisted of cover songs.

As time passed by, these guys wanted to create a sound by their own… now 25 years later on and Varga still deliver Metal in its purest form, better to describe as a perfect blend of Progressive Power / Thrash Metal, Varga just released a new album called “Return Of The Metal”. At Metal To Infinity, we have a special connection with the Canadian Metal movement… those days during the 80s era, we had a whole lotta fun banging our heads to the sound of Sacrifice, Annihilator, Anvil, Exciter, Breaker, Infernal Majesty, Sword, Piledriver among others.

I want to say it again, a time to cherish forevermore. I must admit that this is my first encounter with Varga so lets’ find out all about these guys’ sustained musical career.

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Basement Full Of Metal

Hamilton’s VARGA Celebrates Barbershop Podcast Episode 100

by Glen Brown
Greater Hamilton Musician

I happened to see Kevin Barber on the street the other day, but I had no idea what plans he had been cooking up. As I rolled down my car window to wave hello he shouted, “The show tonight is number 100 and it’s going to being freakin’ amazing!”

Then he continued on his way, walking the dog or picking up a kid at school or something. Everything else was same as it ever was. Just another autumn day in a typical Hammertown neighbourhood. Maplewood Avenue. Adelaide Hoodless School. Gage Park.

Little did I know that a couple of hours later all hell would break loose in Barber’s tiny basement studio. “Enter The Metal” is what happened. Varga was in town. And they were the perfect act to test out the new sound, lighting, and acoustic environment of the Barber Shop studio.

From Greater Hamilton Musician


Date City Venue Country
Dec 20 2014 Toronto, ON Bovine Sex Club Canada

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